We Enable Corporations To Thrive By Upskilling Their Human Capital

Why Americourses For Business?


We provide fully customisable e-learning packages; tailored to meet the requests of each client. You are able to select your own bundle of courses, which we will then supply to your entire (or selected) staff.


We will provide you with a dedicated learning environment, which will be accessible by your staff. You will have complete control, being able to track and monitor their progress.


You'll always have the liberty to add or remove courses from your learning environment, based on your current needs. We believe in a constantly evolving form of learning; which makes online learning the ideal solution.

Bolster the certifications of your staff and take your business to new heights

Most of our courses are formally CPD-approved by accredited publishers. This presents a great opportunity for businesses to invest in their staff; enabling the business to increase the capacity of its operations. Much of these courses are focused on relevant and highly important technical areas, such as health and safety, which will ensure your business has all the skills it needs to maintain itself and continue to operate successfully.

Why ELearning?

Online learning is by far the most effective and convenient way for an individual to increase his skills; doing so in a manner which does not interfere or obstruct their routine. This is ideal for businesses, as they can invest in the education of their staff without compromising their productivity at the workplace. Employees can learn at their own pace, and will not be tied down by the restraints that are imposed by traditional classroom-based courses.


Our customisable packages means that our online learning environment is perfect for small, medium, or large-sized businesses. We can cater for any amount of employees, and we offer over 2,500 courses – making 4K academy your ideal learning partner; whether you’re big or small.

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