Partnership Types

If you are corporate companies that want to reskill and upskill your employees, you can partner with us.
To drive enrollment and cut costs in continuing education, AmeriCOURSES partners with colleges and universities
If you’re a community organization, non-profit, or other entity wanting to extend online courses to your members, partnering with AmeriCOURSES is recommended.
If you’re a professional practitioner working in public, private companies or NGOs or a business and technology professor/instructor in colleges and universities, wanting to make additional income by working with us, we recommend you to sign up to work with us.
If you are government entities wanting to have workforce development and continuing education of your employees to reskill, upskill and retrain your staff, you need to partner with us.

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Partner with Americourses

We’ll work together to tailor a program to meet your organization’s specific needs, using the appropriate diagnostics, education programs, technologies, and other capabilities.