American English Business (Talk the Business)


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Ideal for those who

Need to learn American English for work and business travel.

Are looking to learn complete sentences instead of individual words.

Want to build confidence to speak American English in different situations.

How does it work?

  • You learn useful phrases for a range of business situations, such as ‘What is your website address?’ and ‘My computer crashed and I lost all my files’.
  • Quizzes within each section test you on the vocabulary you have just learnt.
  • Improve your pronunciation with the recording quiz, which allows you tocompare your accent against that of a native speaker.
  • Feel motivated to learn by earning points that will win you bronze, silver and gold awards.
  • Printable vocabulary sheets with each topic for you to take away with you and keep learning on the move.

Key features

  • Learn from any of over 75 native languages
  • Video footage allows you to see body language and lip movements of native speakers.
  • Covers nine different everyday situations: trading, marketing, IT and communications, finance, meetings, travel, careers, negotiations and phone calls..
  • Additional vocabulary section teaches essential words to help you start constructing sentences of your own.


Additional information

Training Duration

20 hours


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