American School of Training
  1.                 TRANSFORM YOUR TALENT

                   Upskill Your Team

   Upskill your team in Financial Management, Project Management,  NGO management,  Data Management, Communications, Business Management , English Language & Communications  skills with our Advanced Skills builder Academy.

  Outcomes/ Payoffs from our training programs include :

  1. Increase productivity, growth, and employee retention.
  2. Save on hiring costs and time by promoting from within.
  3. Stay ahead of the talent shortage — and the competition — by closing your skills gap.

                   Reskill Your Workforce

Right people, wrong skills? Train employees in essential topics, including Accounting, IFRS, Investment, Project Management, Communications, English language, Analytics in our  Advanced Skills Academy.

  1. Transform strong talent with outdated skills into relevant powerhouses that drive business.
  2. Reduce downsizing and save on recruiting, hiring, and severance.
  3. Grow your business strategically by tapping a reliable talent pipeline from within your own.

               Training Categories:

             Accounting and Finance

             Business & Investment

             Data Analytics 

             Digital Marketing

             Grant Management

             Human Resources and payroll

             Project Management

             Nonprofit Management

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